Details about Lab 7

All our structures feel a combined loading which is due to bending, shear and torsion. Under such complex loadings it is important to evaluate the stresses, which can be superimposed stresses on each other and fail the structure.

What did we do?

We loaded our hollow cylinder beam under bending and torsion from a single point load set at a distance from axis. We measured strains from different rosettes on the beam.

What do I want in the report?

Sample Calculations

Please convert the units to SI

For final load (6.5+34.5+35.2+35.3) lbs and Rosette 2,

Calculate the Bending and shear stresses using equation 34 from manual.

Do not use equation 35. I want you to use all the radius and distances.
The angles are:
1. Rosette 1 = 90 deg
2. Rosette 2 = 90 deg
3. Rosette 3 = 180 deg
4. Rosette 4 = 270 deg
5. Rosette 5 = 0 deg


  1. Tables:

    1. A single table with theoretical and experimental stresses for all rosettes and all loadings. Also, provide percentage differences.
  2. Graphs/Plots

    1. 1 plot for stresses vs load for point D (Rosette 1) for both experimental and theoretical.
    2. 2 plots for stresses vs angle (theta) for point E (Rosette 2,3,4,5) for both experimental and theoretical for final load. One plot when a=14 inches and other for a=20 inches.