This page contains various resources for the things I get excited about.

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For a couple of years I have been playing with Python, as a pre processor for commercial/open source codes, as a post processor for the obtained results and a tool for most of my coursework.

With MATLAB licence prices for research skyrocket-ing, many of my colleagues and friends are moving towards Python. As a big supporter of the FOSS movement, I started a bunch of Python4Geotechs posts containing day-to-day data wrangling, manipulation and plotting tutorials to help in easier transition. For now, I am posting introductory tutorials “mostly” every week.

For the next few months, I am super busy and will put time in python as the ECI287 progresses.


I thoroughly enjoy the mechanics of materials and love teaching about stresses, strains, elastic, plastic, torsion etc etc etc. I was a second-time TA for ENG104L for the winter quarter 2020. Here I have posted the material to help the students with their lab reports plus other materials which is relevant and interesting.