Templates to help your report

You can download the word template below:

Word Template

Use this as a format and fill in the sections with things/observations requested.

For the graphs, you can download a sample excel template below:

Excel graph Template

Take a look at the professional quality plot on the sheet 2 of the excel sheet. The graph should have:

  1. Clear x and y axis numbers (0,2000,4000 etc).
  2. Clear x and y axes labels with units (Stress (kPa) ).
  3. Lines should have proper thickness, color and markers. Try to use black, red, blue, green instead of the default Excel colors to make the plots look a lot nicer.
  4. Title is optional.
  5. In your report, every figure should have a caption at the bottom and every table should have a caption at the top.

When you copy this graph in your report, make sure it is readable without zooming in. Everyone has their own plotting style, so you are free to use yours. If you do not have a style, feel free to use mine as a start point.